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Alaska Native Heritage Tour AK002 EXCURSION
Alaska Native Heritage Tour AK002
Anchorage, AK

Alaska Native Heritage Tour
The center will transport you to the pass. Here you will see how the Alaska natives pass their culture and traditions from one generation to the next one and with pride and happiness show it to the visitors.

Groups of adults and young Alaska natives do demonstrations about their ancient, late and current lifestyle.
Among some admirable things they show us how they used to survive in Summer and Winter thousands of years ago using only what mother nature provided at sea and on land. They utilized every single part of any animal, plant, herb, fruits and trees for the individual and family subsistence. 

The history of Native Alaskans is rich on culture and traditions and you will have a unique opportunity to witness it at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.  
After the visit to the Alaska Native Heritage Center you will return to Anchorage down town for a historical city tour visiting the highlights on Anchorage then and Anchorage now.

Departs every day during the summer from May 15 to September 11th. The tour last approximately 3.5 hours.
You can get to the cultural center on your own transportation or boarding the cultural center shuttle. Once a reservation is made you will receive detail information about the exact location about where to take the shuttle to the Alaska Native Heritage Center

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